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BAILEY PAINTING LLC is your Kansas City Painting Contractor Serving Kansas City. Call 816-217-3360 for your free estimate. We offer High Quality Painting at Budget-Friendly Prices for your residential and commercial painting needs.

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Why do I care if my painting contractor uses “high quality” paint? I thought all paint was the same?

  After you’ve gone through the effort of researching reputable contractors to provide you with bids and you’ve decided to make the investment of time and money to have the work performed correctly, don’t let the temptation of potential savings on material costs ruin the quality and longevity of your project.

All paint may look the same in the can, but that’s where the similarities end. High quality paints utilize better ingredients and less fillers which equates to a longer-lasting paint job. Low quality exterior paints tend to chalk, fade, peel, and crack – whereas higher-end products will stay looking beautiful and protect your home for much longer; and are backed by a better manufacturer’s warranty. Low quality interior paints don’t cover as well – causing the contractor to use more material to complete the job. If you’re someone who likes to keep their walls clean, low quality interior paints tend to scuff easily and not wash well, and they typically having a stronger odor that lingers in your home during the curing process, which can take as long as 30-days.

If you want the best value for your money, don’t let your contractor talk you into skimping on the paint quality just so they can give you a lower bid and come back sooner to paint your house again.

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In addition to expert painting services, you can feel comfortable knowing that we operate with the utmost professionalism. We are committed to protecting your home or business, as well as your belongings, and leave each job as neat and clean as when we arrive.

We paint and service Kansas City and surrounding areas including; Liberty, Kearney, Smithville, Gladstone, Platte City, Kansas City North, Parkville, Riverside, North Kansas City, 
Excelsior Springs, Pleasant Valley, and Clay Como