Why do I care if my painting contractor uses “high quality” paint? I thought all paint was the same?


After you’ve gone through the effort of researching reputable contractors to provide you with bids and you’ve decided to make the investment of time and money to have the work performed correctly, don’t let the temptation of potential savings on material costs ruin the quality and longevity of your project.

All paint may look the same in the can, but that’s where the similarities end. High quality paints utilize better ingredients and less fillers which equates to a longer-lasting paint job. Low quality exterior paints tend to chalk, fade, peel, and crack – whereas higher-end products will stay looking beautiful and protect your home for much longer; and are backed by a better manufacturer’s warranty. Low quality interior paints don’t cover as well – causing the contractor to use more material to complete the job. If you’re someone who likes to keep their walls clean, low quality interior paints tend to scuff easily and not wash well, and they typically having a stronger odor that lingers in your home during the curing process, which can take as long as 30-days.

If you want the best value for your money, don’t let your contractor talk you into skimping on the paint quality just so they can give you a lower bid and come back sooner to paint your house again.


How do you apply the paint?


We use a variety of application methods; from brush to roller to airless spray application. Our method of application will depend on what best suits your particular situation and your comfort level, but it will always be the method that will provide you with the best quality finish possible.


How many people work on your painting crews?


The size of our crews will vary depending on the Scope Of Work to be completed. We typically utilize crews of 2-6 painting professionals to maximize productivity.


How long will my painting project take to complete?


Each painting project is unique. Depending on the Scope Of Work to be completed your estimator will discuss with you the projected start date and completion date of your project before work gets under way. However, the vast majority of our painting projects take less than a week to complete; even whole-home repaints.


Are there any Green, Environmentally Friendly Paints?


Our clients tend to be conscious of the environment, and everyone cares about the health of their family. That’s why we recommend using low-VOC or VOC-free paints whenever possible. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are chemicals in paints that are not only harmful to human health, but also contribute to smog and pollution.

Our favorite green painting products are Sherwin Williams® new environmentally friendly paints to protect your family and your home’s interior and exterior surfaces. These new “green paints” are focused on reducing their impact on the environment and delivering maximum performance.

In place of synthetic solvents and oils, these products use sustainable raw materials, like soy and sunflower oil, so fewer harmful vapors are emitted into the atmosphere. Many formulas are actually easier to clean than conventional paint and better resist mildew and harmful bacteria, improving the indoor and outdoor environments.

Here are a couple of Sherwin Williams® green paint products we really like.

Duration Home® Interior Latex. This environmentally preferred product is specially formulated to be low in odor, resist mildew and has lower levels of smog-producing VOCs. Most stains wipe clean with mild soap and water so no harsh chemicals are needed for cleanup. This durable formula reduces frequent repaints, providing the ultimate in beauty and wash ability.

Harmony® Interior Latex. Harmony® is a natural choice for environmentally preferred interior paint. With low odor, you can immediately move into your newly painted spaces. It contains lower levels of solvents than conventional paints and zero VOCs

Cashmere® Interior Latex. glides on buttery smooth and levels out giving walls an elegant, silky rich look. The result is a difference you can definitely see and feel. This luxurious and elegant finish comes in flat enamel, low lustre, pearl finish or medium lustre in a wide range of colors

SuperPaint® Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint. SuperPaint is formulated with Advanced Resin Technology. You can apply most sheens in cold weather, even in temperatures as low as 35° F. Once applied, it offers outstanding adhesion and color retention – resisting frost in cold conditions and resisting fading, chalking, peeling and blistering in hot and humid conditions.


How do I prepare my home for the first day of painting?


Exterior Painting Project. Remove any items that are close to or near your house. This includes lawn furniture, potted plants, outdoor pottery, tools, wood, and other materials. If you plan on being away during the painting, please make prior arrangements to have any pets looked after.

We will cover all trees, plants and flowers to protect them from any paint. We may need to trim bushes or tree branches to provide access to the siding of your house. We will discuss this with you prior to starting and recommend that you have all trimming done before our arrival.


Interior Painting Project. Remove all pictures and wall hangings. Remove unwanted nails so the holes can be filled. Remove all small and fragile accessories from table, shelves, and floors.

Depending on your project, we may require all window treatments or some area rugs to be removed as well. All electronic equipment (including TVs, audio, computers, etc.) must be disconnected from all electrical outlets. We will discuss additional details as required.

All of your furniture and belongings will be carefully covered for maximum protection and moved as required. All floors are equally protected and covered with drop cloths. Upon completion, all furniture and belongings will be returned to their original locations.


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